1. Vancouver Island Elopement | Comox Valley Wedding Photographer

    Last summer Daughter of Flowers and I partnered with a few local vendors - Pendleton Farms and Cumberland Cakes - to create a simple and sustainable elopement service for Comox Valley and Vancouver Island residents and visitors. 

  2. Studio Aase: Comox Valley Brand and Product Photography

    Kelsey came to me wanting to elevate her brand image - to take a concept that naturally existed in rough form, and refine it - to turn it into art. She wanted product photography that blurred into art, and she wanted her daily life captured with the raw provocative emotion…

  3. The Moments Before: A non-traditional approach to “Getting Ready” | Intimate Hornby Island Wedding | Comox Valley Wedding Photographer

    The final moments before nuptials are sacred.  A sudden calm, after months of planning and the previous days and weeks of preparations. There is simply a certain hour at which you must surrender anything not yet perfect and begin the ritual of preparing your body for the day to come.…

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