A photography and videography studio in Cumberland, BC. 

Comox Valley's only photography studio for rent, featuring a wall of north-facing windows for consistent natural light, 1000 sq ft of shooting space, 12 foot ceilings, original hardwood flooring, white washed walls, and a minimalist loft aesthetic. 

Run by Joslyn Kilborn Photography and The Greylands Studios.



Half Day: $190 for four hours**

Full Day:  $300 for eight hours**

(**if you do not have general liability insurance rates are $60 higher for half days, and $75 higher for full days**)


This is a working artists studio, so while we do our best to keep it swept and tidy for the people we share it with, it may not always be in pristine condition!


Shared washroom access.

Private change room.

Drinking water.


2679 Beaufort Ave - the old schoolhouse. One block off Dunsmuir.


7am-9pm every day.


**We change our props out from time to time so get in touch if there is something you are specifically hoping will be there**

Various stools.

Various chairs.

White and wooden plinths.

A few plants.

Light stands, backdrop stands.

A giant wooden table.


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Follow the studio on instagram to see all the art that gets made here: @thecumberlandstudio

Images featuring the linen designs of Moss Grey.

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