Studio Aase: Comox Valley Brand and Product Photography

Kelsey came to me wanting to elevate her brand image - to take a concept that naturally existed in rough form, and refine it - to turn it into art. She wanted product photography that blurred into art, and she wanted her daily life captured with the raw provocative emotion of a 90s National Geographic. 

To begin our journey into her branding, we started by meeting on the farm, talking on the tailgate of her truck about moodboards, colour theory, and vision.

From there we made a shared Pinterest board to collect our dreams.

We decided to start with the product work first, and the day before our studio shoot I storyboarded all the images we hoped to take. When we got into the studio we disappeared into our right brains for hours, experimenting with texture and movement and fabric as we figured out how to present her products and represent her emerging brand. 

Our story together is just beginning.

Aase is a farm and studio that Kelsey operates all on her own - she is shepherdess, artist, farmer, renaissance woman. She raises and shepherds her sheep on the rolling hills of her Comox Valley farm, shears them herself, prepares the wool (quite the process), spins the wool, knits it into sweaters, felt it into slippers, folds it into luxurious duvets. Here is some of our initial work together.

Find out more about Studio Aase here and here.

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