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Product and branding photography for Comox Valley based Studio Aase. 

Aase is a one woman farm and studio - Kelsey is shepherdess, artist, farmer, renaissance woman. 

She raises and shepherds her sheep on the rolling hills of her farm, shears them herself, prepares the wool (quite the process), spins the wool, knits it into sweaters, felt it into slippers, folds it into luxurious duvets. Here is some of our initial work together.

She invited me to dip real deep into her product and branding with her, to try to get at the stillness and rawness and elegance of her world that is half farm and half studio, half earth and half art. 

With these images we also wanted to be somewhat confrontational - we didn't want to just show you products. We spent hours together exploring the boundaries between product and art.

Find out more about Studio Aase and see more of our work together here and here.

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